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Topics covered … PEMDAS  ▪ Exponent rules ▪ Foundations for


Topics covered … Midpoint formula ▪ Inductive reasoning ▪ Constructing


Topics covered .. Limits of sequences, series and functions ▪

About Us

About Us

OC Math Tutors was founded by the principal, Vikash Desai. He has had countless years of experience in the private sector as well as the classroom setting as a High School and Middle School Math Teacher in the Orange County

If your child is struggling in math homework or is performing below standards, NOW is the time to act. Take action before it’s too late. Contact us. We have experienced and patient Math teachers who can change their destiny. Whether your child is learning online, in a group setting, or one-on-one, we guarantee success! You only pay for the time we teach. No subscriptions or upfront payments. 

We understand that each student has a schedule outside of school filled with extra-curricular activities such as music and sports. However, we can develop a schedule that meets the needs of each student – be it online or face-to-face. 

With personal attention to details, step by step guidance on homework, and easy to understand lessons led by certificated math teachers (who teach in the Southern California area), it is only natural that we guarantee the success of each student. Our commitment to helping each student improve their math proficiency is why our students love us!


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